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Caros amigos,

Como podem ver também se pode ser despromovido (lamento ser em Inglês, mas é simples, 1. Um património mundial, 2. Um viaduto de auto-estrada de quatro faixas pelo meio, 3. Menos um património mundial):

UNESCO STRIPS DRESDEN OF WORLD HERITAGE SITE TITLE Germany's picturesque Dresden Elbe Valley was formally dropped as a U.N. World Heritage site on Thursday, making it only the second landmark ever to be removed from the prestigious list. UNESCO said it de-listed Dresden after a three-year battle -for ignoring objections and building a four-lane motorway bridge over the river that would irreversibly damage the landscape. Dresden was awarded the title of World Heritage site in 2004 for its valley of 18th and 19th century landscape that extends 18 km (11 miles) along the Elbe. It includes central Dresden, baroque palaces and gardens. The city, once dubbed the Florence of northern Europe for its architectural jewels, was reduced to ruins by Allied bombing raids near the end of World War Two. Since the restoration of many monuments to their former glory, including the landmark Frauenkirche in 2005, the capital of Saxony has drawn visitors from far and wide. UNESCO warned German authorities in 2006 it would de-list Dresden Elbe Valley unless plans to build the bridge in the middle of the heritage zone were scrapped. The German government even intervened, offering Dresden federal aid to build a tunnel under the river to avoid the threatened de-listing. The bridge is now half finished and expected to be completed by 2010. The World Heritage List includes cultural landmarks such as the Great Wall of China and the leaning Tower of Pisa.

Alexandre Borges Gomes